Here we are again with another article on productivity.

Recently I wrote a little article on the method I use to be more productive (Get Productive Stay Productive). A few people have asked what tools I use alongside this method so I thought I ought to get writing again!


For me, there is one tool that I use all of the time, and that is Trello. If you have not heard of Trello before it’s well worth popping over to their website and having a look around as there is a wealth of handy information over there.


So what is Trello?


Trello is a web based application that has client apps for virtually all mobile platforms. It is a fantastic project management tool that makes it easy to work with other people and keep track of tasks. Unfortunately for many individuals, this is where their use of Trello ends.


I use Trello for many different things such as:-


  • Keeping task lists across multiple different projects and topics
  • Shopping lists
  • Noting key dates
  • Social bookmarking (Using IFTTT to create cards in Trello whenever I like a post)planning weeks
  • Planning weeks
  • Reading news stories (Using IFTTT to create cards on Trello whenever a new news story appears in one of my Feedly feeds)

How does Trello work?

What is essential to Trello’s success is its flexibility and ease of use. All you really need to remember is that Boards contain lists; lists contain cards, cards include notes, checklists, pictures, conversations or reminder dates.





These are Boards

This is a list

This is a card

Once you get your head around this foundation concept, Trello can go to work for you.

For me, it has become my trusted system (see my article on Getting things Done) and as such is pretty much open all the time on my phone and laptop.

Finally, before I sign off on this post, if you are stuck for inspiration or ideas as to how to use Trello then you ought to check out their Inspiration Page here